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Ipod Movies – Review Unlimited Ipod Movies

Unlimited Ipod Movies is one of the best sources I have found for ipod movies. Not only do you get unlimited ipod movies you also get music. Both the music and ipod movies are from the largest lists of selections I have seen. Unlimited Ipod Movies is the fastest download site I have used to date. The site makes it very easy to find any movie or song fast. It is quick and easy to find all of the your favorite ipod movies and songs. Once you've download you choice or choices you can quickly begin........ Read More

Movie Review - Cereal As A Metaphor For Capitalism

A business course on cutthroat capitalism disguised as a slacker comedy: That’s the kindest way to describe Michael Lehmann’s “Flakes,” a movie that shares the smug, hipper-than-thou sensibility of its sour protagonist, Neal Downs (Aaron Stanford). An aspiring rock musician who manages a New Orleans eatery where the only bill of fare is breakfast cereal, Neal is a reflexively sarcastic deadbeat whose equally sour girlfriend, Pussy Katz (Zooey Deschanel), shares his bohemian dream of ........ Read More

Dvd Review: The Simpsons Movie

Those yellow, animated phenomenons have finally made their way to the big screen and it only took eighteen years. So does the animated movie live up to the hilarity of the television show? Read on and find out – doh! The town of Springfield’s lake is overly polluted and socially conscious Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) rallies the town to clean it up. Her dad Homer (Dan Castellaneta) saves a pig from being slaughtered after it’s used as a prop in a Krusty the Clown commercial and starts........ Read More

An Inconvenient Truth Movie Review

Are you interested in learning more about global warming? If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the science behind global warming, the impact it will have on the planet, as well as ways that we can help to stop global warming, you will find that you have a number of different options. Although you can turn to news reports, books and other printed resources on global warming, and the internet, you may want to examine documentaries. In recent years, documentaries have increase........ Read More

Movie Review: Perfect Holiday Not So Perfect

The Perfect Holiday is seasonably pablum partially redeemed by a smart (if wasted) cast and at least one unusual holiday bit. Directed by co-written by Lance (The Cookout) Rivera, the film mostly flounders through contrived meet-cute scenes and some “what were they thinking” scenes (such as one involving a 300-pound “elf” trying to put on a fat suit). The romantic/family comedy also demands a major suspension of disbelief in having the lovely Gabrielle Union portraying a woman (Nancy) wh........ Read More

Review Of Blockbusters New: Online Movie Rental Service

Yes there really just giving it away. You probably know what I’m talking about its call Total Access. And as of November 1, Blockbuster Online subscribers can now bring in there online rentals and exchange them for an in-store rental free of charge. Available Plans: Blockbuster Online offers the following membership plans: $5.99 per month - 1 DVD out at a time, 2 Rent(s) a month, Return online or in-store FREE - in-store game rental $9.99 per month – offers unlimited DVD rental........ Read More

"mouth To Mouth" A Cult Perspective: A Movie Review

As a person interested in "group influence" it would be well worth anyones while to rent/buy the movie "Mouth to Mouth". Based on the directors brief experience in Europe as part of cult the story centers around Sherry, a young runaway meets the radical street collective SPARK - Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge - while she is living on the streets of Europe. She travels through the continent in the SPARK van, recruiting members from street gangs and disenfranchised youth at raves an........ Read More

Movie Review In A Dark Place

Anna is working as an art teacher in the city, however she fails in the big city, and is given a job to teach a young girl by the name of Flora. In the movie though it appeared that Anna played the role of the nanny and the art teacher. I'm not really sure, it was too boring to figure it out fully, and too lame to want to rewind to get all of the answers. In A Dark Place seemed like an interesting movie, solely because I based it on the DVD's box cover. It looked like a gruesome horror movie........ Read More

The Secret Movie Review

Copyright 2006 llbglobal What is this big secret? Is it the answer to all of our deepest desires? Do you desire personal wealth, health, and happiness? Is there a burning question in your soul? What does it all mean? Are you frustrated, or have you had enough? These are the questions that everyone would like to have answered. After thousands of years of searching for the secret to life, we may have finally stumbled upon the answer. What we have found is that the answer was inside of us all alon........ Read More

Black Christmas Movie Review

This festive fright-fest was a nice surprise from what I was originally expecting. This is another horror remake (from the people behind ‘Final Destination’ – great film), but un-like so many others; it did manage to come up trumps; such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ This is a remake of Bob Clarke’s 1974 classic slasher movie, ‘Black Christmas’; which actually came four years before John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’. Some fans lay claim that it was the original slasher flick........ Read More

Ipod Movies- Review For Downloading And Sites

With Ipod movie downloads, there are more ways you can enjoy your ipod. You can watch movies, download pictures, play pod casts, and much more. Downloading movies can bring hours of enjoyment and fun while traveling, relaxing or even while waiting for an appointment at the doctors office. Some sites charge up to fifteen dollars or more per movie download. This can get quite expensive. I recommend you find a site that offers a one-time membership fee. These sites usually have unlimited download........ Read More

Hostel Movie Review

Two American backpackers in Amsterdam, Josh (Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Jay Hernandez), along with their Icelandic friend, Oli are lured into a hostel Slovakia where they are told the woman are eagar to pleasure American men. They're travelling Europe for a last trip before they graduate from college, so there are no holds barred when it comes to sex, drugs and anything else that comes their way. Once they reach Slovaki, Josh and "Pax" hook up with 2 very accommodating and very beautiful wome........ Read More

Ratatouille Movie Review

In the new movie Ratatouille, Remy has a problem. As with many who live in France, he has a passion for fine food, and a gift for making it. His keen sense of smell serves him very well as an enthusiastic gourmet, and in his ability to pick just the right combination of ingredients to create magical flavors. And great food is that to him – magic. It has a power that fills him with wonder and awe. Only problem is, Remy is a rat. Merde! What’s a rat to do? His pragmatic father, Django........ Read More

Movie Review – The Big Blind

The writer/director of this film would only be noticed by the public is he went broke and knocked over a liquor store. The cast is the “Blacksheep squadron” of the movie world. An A list of nobodies. The most notable actress in this effort also appeared in obscure reality television show, “Joe Schmo”. If you were only given this information about the film, a logical conclusion is that the movie should only be aired on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” or late at night when nobody is........ Read More

Ipod Movie Downloads – Ipod Movies Site Review

Unlimited Ipod Movies is one of the best way I have found to get ipod movie downloads. Not only do you get unlimited ipod movie downloads you also get music and much more. Both the music and ipod movie downloads are from the largest lists of selections I have seen. Unlimited Ipod Movies is the fastest download site I have used to date. The site makes it very easy to find any movie or song fast. It is quick and easy to find all of the your favorite movies and songs. Once you've download you choi........ Read More


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